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Organizations always race to implement the latest security solutions and systems, often overlooking critical security loopholes and deficiencies discovered later by today’s persistent and proficient attackers.

Our Raya IT Security Team employs a “defense in depth” mechanism, using multiple security countermeasures to create a multi-layered defense system that is able to stand strong against security attacks and thus protecting your information assets.


Raya Security Services Team
preforms vulnerability assessment on Network, Servers, systems & applications using industrial best practice methodologies (such as: NIST).

Our Assessment starts from simple scanning to manual enumeration till digging deep to the configuration level.


Vulnerability Identification and Mitigation:

A comprehensive security assessment will identify not only network vulnerabilities but also vulnerabilities in policies and procedures.

Preparation for Future Incidents:

The results of the security assessment should encourage improvements in incident response procedures that will reduce the time to identify and respond to incidents

Reduce costs of recovery:

By mitigating potential risk to critical assets.