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Any customer wants to ensure that the return-on-investment (ROI) for the capital allocated to implement a future project is well spent. This means customers want their projects to achieve their stakeholders’ deliverables with the required quality for the longest period of time without service interruptions and can be upgraded throughout the lifetime of the project to accommodate future needs.

As an experienced Data Center infrastructure system integrator, we have successfully conducted numerous mega projects serving all industries over the past 20 years with a long record of customer satisfaction. Those many years of experience and customers served, allowed us to master data centers best practices through carefully selecting our resources and partners, building and expanding our knowledge base, thus reaching a successful formula that ensures addressing customers’ needs.


The below can be provided for existing or new Data Center and/or Disaster Recovery.

(HVAC & Ventilation)

Chilled water, DX system , Special cooling systems, CRAC units, Ventilation systems, Ducts works, MIST systems, Scavenging system.

Critical Backup

UPS , DC rectifier system, Battery Monitoring System, AVR.


Medium voltage switchgear, RMU, MV regulator, Transformers, Generators, ATS, STS, Distribution panels,

cabling, bus-way system, Lighting, Power distribution systems, Earthing & Grounding systems.


Access Controls and Intrusion, CCTV , Fire alarm and Detection, Public Address, Nursing Call, Satellite Main

Antenna Television (SMATV), Audio Visual, Analog Telephone and PBX, Master Clock, Automatic Parking.


Racks, Fiber, Copper, FTTH, WiFi


Building Management System (BMS), Environmental Logging and Monitor system (ELM), and Data center infrastructure management (DCIM).


Firefighting Systems, FM200, Nitrogen, CO2, Novec, Water.


Humidity, Heating, Water, Hydrogen, VESDA


Lighting Controls Systems, Emergency Systems.

Supporting FM
Building Functions

Internal Cleaning, Hospitality & Support Services, Pest and Rodent Control, Glass and Aluminum Facades, Landscaping, transportation, Packing, Painting, Plumbing, Waterfalls works.


Trunking and Pips works, Plastic Wiremold

Data Center
Professional Services

  • Turnkey solutions on design-and-build basis for the data center infrastructure
  • Assessment, Renovation, Relocation of existing Data Centers with current architecture
  • Upgrading current architecture of existing Data Centers
  • Datacenter consultancy services
  • Operation & Maintenance services for existing Data Centers whether built by Raya or by others
  • Installation
  • CFD Modeling (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Benefits/IT & Business Value
for our Data Center Solution

  • State-of-the-art designs ensuring security, redundancy and scalability to meet future needs.
  • Data centers are qualified for being certified from UPTIME institute granting owners trust in their data centers, in addition to being highly ranked among peers and competitors.
  • Flexibility to accommodate unplanned customers changes.
  • Highest return-on-investment (ROI) for data centers.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for data centers
  • Ability to integrate top brands into our design to reach maximum potential of customer’s investment.

Added Value

  • Certified resources ensuring complying with industry standards:
    Designers certified from UPTIME institute
    Installers certified from equipment vendors
    Project managers certified from PMI
  • Our project management and implementation teams convert that design into reality through careful resources planning, partners selection, materials ordering, to create baselines for scope, time, cost & quality ensuring every stakeholder gets what they bargained for.
  • Handing over the project to the customer passing through a series of rigorous agreed upon tests witnessed by the concerned stakeholders to ensure every deliverables has been achieved.
  • At the client’s request, we can manage the maintenance and operation of the data center on the client’s behalf through our qualified resources. We can also manage the client’s overall facility either for our executed projects or for existing ones.
  • Ability to host other clients’ equipment (Colocation).

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