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Hisham Abdel Rassoul

Raya Information Technology – CEO

In his capacity as CEO, Hesham Abdel Rassoul holds an instrumental role in leading Raya’s Information Technology line of business to provide the ideal mix of technology solutions to meet the unique requirements of business operations.
Abdel Rassoul joined Raya in 1998.

With his strong track record, previously and until September 2007, he held the position of Raya Information Technology CEO where he developed a high caliber team that was responsible for designing and implementing solutions for a wide range of mega projects.

Abdel Rasoul graduated from Engineering at Ain Shams University majoring in Telecommunications and is a member of the AmCham and BEBA associations.

Dahlia Ghaly

Raya Information Technology- Sr. Director – Sales

Dahlia Ghaly has an established experience in the field of information technology for 18 years.

Ghaly joined Raya in 2000. Her technical skills and capabilities enabled her to lead the business solution business unit for many successes after which Ghaly made a career shift to lead the Sales business unit helping Raya Information Technology in dominating the market of the ICT.

Ghaly holds a Master degree in business administration and management from The University of Edinburgh.

Mohamed Naeim

Raya Information Technology – Managing Director

Mohamed Naeim is the managing director Raya International Services
Naeim has a wide international experience in project and general management by working in those fields for over 27 years. Naeim joined Raya Information Technology in April 2010, where he successfully held different positions in project management. Naeim then worked in a number of reputable companies in Australia in his field of experience. His expertise and his valued track record lead him to rejoin Raya Information Technology as the managing director of Raya International Services in March 2017, where he has been leading this subsidiary successfully.

Naeim hold a Bachelor degree from Sadat Academy in Management Sciences and a Diploma from in Project Management from the Regional IT Institute.

Nashaat Fouda

Raya Information Technology – Director_ Raya Data Center

Nashaat Fouda was appointed as Director- Raya Data Center, a subsidiary of Raya Information Technology in September 2019.

With work experience of more than 20 years, Nashaat Fouda started his career at the UNDP after which he joined Raya in the year 2000 taking the responsibility of service delivery.

Fouda developed and managed the services delivery business unit for 12 years after which he led the Enterprise Computing business unit for 7 years expanding Raya dominance in the field of enterprise computing. Fouda graduated from the Faculty of Engineering majoring in communication and computer science.

Yasser Kotb

Raya Information Technology –Director – Raya Network Services

Yasser Kotb in his capacity as a Director of Raya Network Services, a subsidiary of Raya Information Technology is valued for his 25+ years’ experience in ICT Information Communication Technology field, planning and directing administrative functions to meet time-critical deadlines.

His ability to combine dynamic organizational and communication skills with the capability to independently multitask, plan and direct demanding administrative operations and complex schedules, enable him to lead Raya Netwok service successfully since 2014.