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Dive into the highlights of our recent event, ‘ Unveil the Pillars of Networking Experience ‘ held in collaboration with Cisco leaders at St. Regis Hotel on November 27th. Witness the unveiling of Cisco’s Next-Generation Network Visibility Platform, revolutionizing the networking landscape with AIOps, Meraki Cloud, Cisco WIFI, SD-WAN and…

Cairo ICT 2023

Wrapping up of our successful participation at Cairo ICT 2023. Grateful for the incredible moments, meaningful connections, and groundbreaking innovations that have been shared during our participation. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us in shaping the future of technology.
Highlights from our latest security workshop ‘Pillars of Security Resilience’ held on October 11th in collaboration with Cisco security leaders. The workshop featured enlightening discussions that unveiled Cisco’s cutting-edge security solutions and delved into how these innovative technologies are reshaping the approach to safeguarding assets, data, and individuals in a…