1998-1999 Merger

The merger of 7 companies led to the establishment of Raya Holding, which was created as a large, national entity to address the large gap existing between multinational market players and small to medium-sized local players.

2000 – 2001 Diversification

The company’s initial strategy was to diversify into more IT and IT-related activities and to penetrate Egypt’s emerging data telecom market. In line with this strategy, Raya Holding acquired 3 new subsidiaries, and founded 7 others.

2002 Streamlining

Streamlining Raya’s operations entailed merging smaller companies with similar operations, building corporate support functions, curtailing redundancies, and unifying the Raya brand name. As a result, Raya’s activities are categorized into three main lines of business, which are: Information Technology, Telecommunications and Retail & Distribution.

2003-2004 Going International

In tune with its expansion strategy, Raya started to seize opportunities in different countries with a focus on the gulf region. The past three years witnessed the birth of Raya Gulf, Raya Saudi, Raya USA, and Raya Algeria which solidified Raya’s International presence.

2005 Going Public

As a result of a healthy performance, the shares of Raya Holding were listed on the Egyptian Stock Market in May 2005, following an IPO worth 400 million Egyptian Pounds. This move allowed Raya to finance its local and regional expansion project that will deliver high value for shareholders and investors.

2006-2007 Realigning Resources

In line with its corporate strategy to create improvements in margins and earnings, Raya has started realigning its organizational structure. Three CEOs were appointed, each dedicated to one of Raya’s lines of business. This allows each line of business to answer to its varying needs and ensures focus to better serve its customers and address opportunities for growth. The new structure also redefines the shared services within all the subsidiaries.

2008 – 2009 Expanding Group Portfolio

With a strong commitment to diversify the Group’s portfolio, Raya ventured into new markets of smart buildings, leveraging on its strong IT expertise in smart buildings.

2010 – 2013 Solidifying a Diversification Strategy

Building on the venture into the smart buildings offices development and lease business in 2008, Raya continued to follow a strong portfolio diversification strategy. Raya Group ventured into the transport and the recycling industries, through establishing Ostool, a land and river transport company, and Bariq, a plastic recycling and re-manufacturing company.
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