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Based in Cairo, Raya Holding was established in 1999 when 7 leading IT companies in Egypt decided to merge together to create the middle East’s largest CIT company. Raya operates mainly in four lines of business, namely information technology, contact center, trade line of business and smart buildings development. Along with its for lines of business, Raya Holding has recently expanded its portfolio by adding two new companies to its subsidiaries’ list, namely OSTOOL for land and river transport and BariQ for plastic recycling and re-manufacturing. In 2005, the company got listed in the Egypt Stock Exchange (EGX). With a number of 4500 employees, the group has branches in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, Algeria, Nigeria and USA and caters to a customer base located almost all over the world, namely USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.


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Raya for Information Technology

Raya IT, a subsidiary of Raya Holding, operates in the fields of systems integration and IT business solutions. Raya IT was established in 1998 with the vision to lead the IT and telecommunications industry, providing organizations with business solutions that allow them to simplify their business operations and increase their day-to-day productivity and operations management.

Raya IT does not only provide technologies, but offers full-fledged IT solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of different businesses. With a solid track record, Raya IT has succeeded to deliver mega-scale projects for reputable companies in different sectors with a client-centric paradigm. . Raya IT solutions are dedicated to business clients from different industries, ranging from telecommunications, financial services, government, real estate, general business to the oil and gas industry.

Offering innovative technology solutions and services, Raya IT team are highly certified and are trained to meet customers’ requirements with flexibility that delivers successful projects. Raya’s extensive expertise in systems integration and technology consultancy uniquely positions us to deliver high quality services and solutions for you to achieve higher levels of business performance.

Raya IT is part of Raya Group, a leading investment conglomerate, operating ten lines of business in different sectors covering information technology, call center, smart buildings development, consumer electronics trade, social media development, land transport and PET re manufacturing. With offices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Nigeria, Raya serves customers all over the world in six continents.  Holding shares in a number of leading companies in Egypt, Raya seizes investment opportunities that maximize its shareholders’ return. priligy livraison rapide en Neuilly-sur-Seine, kamagra pas cher belgique
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