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Raya IT PS offers a range of services to construct & maintain a cohesive IT infrastructure based on your organization’s requirements, from building the infrastructure environment, providing a range of security, Voice and enterprise computing services.

As well we provide a wide range of current network services such as Assessment, Picturing Training and SLAs.


Raya IT PS offers complete PDI service including:
  • Capture and development of customer requirements.
  • Thorough planning through the execution of network audits and site survey.
  • Thorough study of the project scope and production of high level design.
  • Detailed network and systems architecture and production of low level design.
  • Access to the experience and expertise to install, integrate, commission, verify, migrate and decommission networks.
  • Implementation Services:
    Our implementation services are delivered through a qualified, professional and certified implementation team capable of setup, implement and configure all Enterprise infrastructure solutions.
  • Quality Assurance throughout the Enterprise Infrastructure PDI project lifecycle:
    • Enterprise infrastructure Audit and Site Survey
    • Enterprise infrastructure and Systems Design
    • Installation Engineering
    • Installation Works
    • Verification and Acceptance
  • Enterprise Computing Services:
    • Hard ware upgrade
    • Backup solutions (Design, Implementation & configuration
    • Installation Engineering
    • Proactive Health check services
    • Time & material services
Why Use Plan, Design and Implement?
  • Careful planning and precise execution minimize the risk of service interruptions during upgrades.
  • We use a defined end-to-end process encompassing planning, design, deployment, verification and acceptance.

With Raya IT PS team we have the track record, capability and in-house knowledge to assess and understand all your Infrastructure requirements from end to end. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of radio technologies and core network elements.


Any business is only as productive as its weakest link – don’t let that link be your company network. An unreliable (or, even worse, broken) intercompany network can cripple a business while directly affecting the bottom line. Ensuring your network makes sense for your business while maintaining proper connectivity and permissions is what our certified IT professionals do best through our computer network services. Raya IT PS has the knowledge and experience gained from working with some of the largest companies to make your network work for you.

Enterprise Infrastructure Assessment

RAYA IT PS can identify gaps and recommend changes to your Enterprise infrastructure that will improve the effectiveness of your solution, reduce deployment costs and duration, and allow smooth solution integration

  • Environment assessment
  • Capacity planning
  • Proactive visits
Network Picturing

RAYA IT PS offers documenting your existing network and help you gain full understanding of how it is running and help visualize how expanding will affect and benefit your network.

Data Center
Infrastructure Relocation

Raya IT PS offers relocating your old IT room/ Data Center using a professional plan, executed by a high caliber team force. Taking into consideration equipment’s safety, detailed Infrastructure re-design and minimal shutdown and reboot windows.

  • Relocation management.
  • Relocation planning.
  • Equipment preparation and de-installation.
  • Equipment move and transportation.
  • Destination site reinstallation.

Implementation Services

Raya IT security professional services team with its highest level of expertise deliver the class A implementation services for the following security solutions:

  • Firewall Solutions.
  • Email Security Solution.
  • Intrusion Prevention System Solution.
  • Network Access Control Solution.
  • Web Security Solution.
  • Load Balancer & Web Application Firewall Solution.
  • DNS Security Solution.
  • Malware Analysis Solution.

Tailored Training

Raya IT PS provides a range of customized training and ongoing consultations cover a wide span of Technologies such as:

  • Security products such as Symantec, McAfee, F5 and more.
  • Service Provider Solution such as:
    • Cisco Service Provider Bootcamp
    • Cisco Telco Cloud Fundamentals
    • 4G LTE EPC Foundation Training
    • 4G LTE EPC Foundation Training

Technical Project

Raya IT PS provides the needed Technical Project Management that aims to facilitate the operation and communication with RAYA AS team and the valued customer.


Gather, review and confirm all relevant project documents required for project commencement.

Technical Understand the Scope of Work of new project, plan Manpower & Tools.

Coordinate with all divisions involved including implementation teams, project manager and pre-sales for project related technical activities.


Handling Project technical tasks monitoring, Timely completion, Installation, Commissioning and testing the project network setup as per the acceptance test plan and technical SLA.

Handling Project documentations & solution database.

Handling Project documentations & solution database.

Understand and friendly communicate with the clients to maintain the Customer Satisfaction during the implementation.


To plan, design, operate, monitor and optimize the deployment of the projects with a high level of technical and management expertise.

Timely, High reliability, and team spirit approach during project life cycle.

Timely, High reliability, and team spirit approach during project life cycle.

Timely, High reliability, and team spirit approach during project life cycle.

Data Center
Care Services

  • Professional Cabling Management & cable reorganization.
  • Data Center environment check.
  • Labeling ( cabinet, servers, switches, network ports, … ).

ITIL Consultancy

Raya IT professional team provide the best in class ITIL Assessment to our customers to cover the full ITIL Processes:

  • Services Strategy.
  • Services Design.
  • Services Transition.
  • Services Transition.
  • Continual Services Improvement.

Digital Enterprise
Management (DEMS) Services

  • Digital Enterprise Management (DEMS) Services.
  • Solutions training.
  • After Sales Support services through outsourcing resources to support the customer in Solutions Operations and Administration Services.


Raya IT PS offers you different Entperise infrastructure maintenance and support services with tailored Service Level Agreements including coverage, different response and fix time that suits your business needs, and according to Severity level of the cases.
RAYA’s Multi-vendor Customer Service Centre (CSC), awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality, ranks amongst the largest of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa region, and uses up to date technologies to deliver a superior service.

Branded SLA Support Contract Renewals
  • Vendor Branded (B2B) Support Services.
  • Raya branded support service with a very flexible and tailored SLA depending on our parts stocking and our qualified support teams.


Raya IT PS offers wide range of qualified resources for their expertise in handling various tasks like assistance, troubleshooting, support, and on-hand configurations. There are many models like Managed Services, Resident engineers, etc… according to customer needs. Outsourcing can free up cash, personnel, facilities and time resources for a company. It can result in cost savings from lower labor costs, taxes, energy costs and reductions in the cost of production. A company may also employ an outsourcing strategy in order to focus on its core business competencies.

Outsourcing Services:
  • Wide pool of qualified engineers that meet all customer needs in the IT business field.
  • Wide pool of qualified engineers that meet all customer needs in the IT business field.
  • Dramatically cost reduction achievement.