We strongly believe that every individual has the capability of acquiring knowledge and learning new skills, as well as developing their maximum potential given the right working environment, appropriate training and support.

One of the key responsibilities of the Human Resources function is to recruit high potential calibers while considering the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies necessary for the job. All members of management play a significant role in identifying and attracting potential candidates in the local and global market place.

Our talent resourcing program will concentrate on attracting suitable and potential candidates through positioning our company as the “employer of choice”. This positioning will be the result of successful implementation of our corporate human resources philosophy.

Decisions concerning the selection and placement of candidates have as much weight in the success of the business as the decisions concerning product and service quality, customers and revenues. Our staffing process will emphasize the need for excellence and strong customer focus.

The ability to make the right selection decision is based on having a complete understanding of the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies each job requires. A thorough detailed set of selection criteria must be developed for each position and a competency based interviewing program consistently implemented which identifies candidates who possess Raya’s core values:-

• Team Work
• Respect for People
• Customer Focus
• Excellence

It is Raya’s policy to always search for talents within our employees for candidates who fit the selection criteria for any new position before considering external candidates.

The growth of Raya depends on having a strong pool of talented employees who will give the company a competitive edge in the vigorous market. Hence, a primary goal of the Human Resources function is retaining our employees.

All employees will be equally treated and we will exert extra efforts to identify, develop and retain our employees in every region we operate in.
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